Kenya Team – Update #10

From Brandon Gentry:

Today was the final day of the pastors conference. We finished up The Blessings Course by Roy Godwin. One of the pastors, Jonathan, shared  about a Literacy & Evangelism course he has been teaching around his home area. He led a discussion with all of the pastors about literacy in their churches and most shared that illiteracy was in the 70-90% range. Jonathan uses lessons that use the Bible to teach people how to read. He has found in his church it often leads people to Christ when they can read the Bible for themselves. It ended with scheduling a workshop on how to lead these for themselves.

The other half of the conference group gave updates on their ministry and we prayed and blessed them (we did half the group the day previously mentioned in update #9). 

From Jack Gentry:

Today we learned to cook a traditional Kenyan meal! It included Chapati (flat bread), potatoes and beans, Sukama wiki (greens), and fresh passion fruit juice! It gave us an insight into the flavors, smells, and hard work that goes into each different meal.

The conference wrapped with the Dorobo/Okiek Olympic Games. There were the following games all of which had points attached: throwing a rungu (throwing club) at a moving target, shooting an arrow, using a slingshot, raising a Dorobo spear using only your wrist (the spear is about 8’ long), and making the ashes for a fire using only pieces of wood. Two of the elder pastors tied and had to compete in a knife throwing contest. Pastor Amos won the tie breaker and walked away with a jar of fresh Dorobo honey. It was a rich time of laughter, the men teaching our team how to use the items and a great time of being together.

We also spent a lot of time around the campfire with the pastors, signing worship songs in languages many of us didn’t understand, dancing together, and swapping traditional stories! 

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