Kenya Team Update #10

We start our fourth-three [43] hour journey home on July 1 and wrap up 14 days of ministry to the Maasai, Eburu Dorobo, and Gao Ogiek people.

L-R: Bryant Strot, John Rassmusen, Brandon Gentry, Chris Ivester, Dan Stump, John Gilmore, Adam Rehman, Shel Arensen, Stan Heath and John Wachirah is taking the selfie (he was our driver for our time here, and was a vital part of our team)

We met with pastors, believers, non-believers; worshiped with Kenyan believers in their language; heard about how the Dorobo and Ogiek cultures are turned upside down; broke bread with the people of Kenya; experienced new food and drink; supported the Arensen’s in their mission; and loved the people of Kenya and one another.

We shared the good news of the gospel, passed out 150 copies of the Gospel of Luke in the Ogiek language (first book printed), passed out 100 audio bibles, and left 2 Jesus Film kits to be used in the future.

It’s easy to overlook all of the nations in the world, but this trip allowed our team to remember we are one church under one God for all tribes, tongues and languages.

If you have any questions or want to talk about the trip please find one of us in church or call one of us, we would love to share with you.

Brandon, for the Kenya Team
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