Kenya Team – Update #11

From Brandon Gentry:

Yesterday we spent the day as a team debriefing our time in Kenya. We started the day on a walking tour with animals on Crescent Island within the waters of Lake Naivasha.  We experienced God’s beauty with a boat tour along the shores of the lake to view hippos in order to get to the island. Hippos are massive! 

Once on the island we were able to wander for a couple hours amongst the animals: giraffes, waterbuck, varieties of gazelles, wildebeests, monkeys, and so many varieties of birds. 

We then worked through the process of debriefing our trip and preparing our hearts and minds to come home. It was a sweet time to hear how the trip and the people of Kenya impacted each person on the team and how they would like to see growth once we are back home. 

We finished our day with a very special time of baptism. Two of our team members had not been baptized and chose to do so while in Kenya. Ryan Mann and Lizzy (Sis) Weber were baptized in the Malewa river at the edge of the Arensen’s property.

We are traveling across Kenya to the Maasai Mara with the Arensens to finish our time in Kenya with a Safari. We appreciate your prayers as we have at least a 28 hour travel day again starting at 1 am on July 1 (Kenya time). We will be home very late on July 1 (US time).

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