Kenya Team – Update #3

June 16, 2024
Update from Jess Weber:
Jet lag hit us all after our first visit to meet some Dorobo friends.
Bedtime for all ended up being before 8pm.
Most everyone slept well despite strange animal noises, Indian music from campers and electric fence alarms due to potential hippos!!
We enjoyed traditional English breakfast at Fisherman’s Camp Cafe surrounded by monkeys, one whom chose to shower Jack from the tree above us.
Shel and Kym shared with us some history of the Dorobo and Oliek people and their ministry to them over the last 30+ years. We learned about their ongoing love and care for these lovely people and their culture and the influence of Kenyan government of tradition today. I may have asked a few too many questions!!
Shel started our language lessons and we practiced our Swahili greetings together. He says we are doing quite well.. but I think that may be a stretch for some us!
After breakfast, we packed up and headed toward Eldama Ravine, stopping along the way at an open market place and local mall to prepare for the week in the mountains.

We met our new friend Eve who will stay with us and cook with us. She also has encouraged us to practice our Swahili. 

Along our three hour drive we continued to soak in the incredibly beautiful country and so many people. Villages and towns and all the people sitting along the roads in between. It was a lot to take in!! We did get to see zebras, giraffes and baboons along the road as well.
I am very grateful for the time we have had here already, to be on this team and partnering with the Arensens. What a privilege.
After another good night of sleep…
We head to the mountains with Pastors Silas and Thomas to some more villages with a new challenge from Shel to intentionally pray blessings over the people and land we encounter today.
With more Swahili greetings, here we go…
Lord bless us as we go in Your Name, Amen.
Prov 129:8
Psalms 11:11
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