Kenya Team – Update #4

From Makenna Tramposh:
We made it to the Okiek village today where we first went to Gladice and Stephen’s house which Pastor Silas discipled and visits them often. We got to eat a meal with them and pray blessings over their house and land. Stephen showed us around their property, where they cook their meals, tend to their animals, and more.

We then visited a children’s school to pray for them and give them a soccer ball. We’ve been practicing our Swahili and get the opportunity to introduce ourselves every house and school we go to. “Ninaitwa Makenna” is how I would say  “I am called Makenna” which is how they introduce themselves to others. 

After being with the kids for a while we took a hike up the mountain where the okiek people live. They live at 7,500 feet elevation and at the end of our hike we were at 9,000. Some of the pastors and others that were with us showed us beautiful lookout spots along the Rift Valley. 

After hiking we visited another house, enjoying another meal and tea with them. 

Everyone here is very generous, hospitable, and welcoming. We are all feeling very blessed to be here and partner with all the pastors and Shel and Kym. We greatly appreciate everyone supporting and praying for us back home as well!
Bwana Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord)
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