Kenya Team – Update #5

From Lizzy (Sis) Weber:

Today, we returned to the area where the Okiek people live and started our day by visiting pastors and members of a church that was planted there. Upon arrival, we sang a Swahili song of praise to the Lord, which in English is known as “How Great Thou Art”. 

We spent time with them, prayed over them, and shared a meal consisting of rice, potatoes, and chai tea. They showed us the construction of another building intended for a larger church, and we prayed over the building and the ongoing work. 

Later, we walked through a pasture to reach a primary school, where we met the children and gifted them new books and a volleyball to play with. We introduced ourselves in Swahili to all the children and prayed with them before their lunch break. 

Many of the children were excited to see “mazungu” (white people), for most of them, it was their first time encountering people with lighter skin. After they were dismissed for lunch, they eagerly came over to hold our hands and take pictures. 

We then had lunch with beans, rice, and tea with the school leaders.

Afterward, we drove up a hillside and hiked six miles at an elevation of 8,500 feet. The locals hiking with us showed us many beautiful views of villages in the valleys below.

Next, we visited Pastor Thomas’ house for our third meal of the day by 4 pm. We had ugali, sukuma, and millet. Afterward, we met many of Thomas’ family and neighbors and spent some time with them. Thomas’ youngest, who is two years old, was a girl named Abigail who sat between Brandon and I for some of our time there. 

It was a sweet time to hear of Brandon’s memories of the girl, Brandon had gone to the same house the year before and seen the same girl. We then concluded our visit with more chai tea.

After tea, we packed into our car along with many of Thomas’ family members and other pastors to visit another church in the area. The van we drove in was filled will people who were very happy to be with one another. During the ride, I held Abigail in the car and played with an audio Bible which we had just gifted the Thomas’ family with her. At the church, we met more people and listened to a brief message from their two pastors, who happen to be brothers. 

Everyone here has been incredibly generous and welcoming. Wherever we go, they show us their most beautiful views and offer us the best food they have. They take great pride in their families and neighbors, and I am grateful for their openness in welcoming us into their homes. Experiencing their culture and way of life has been eye-opening. All the people we’ve met have been so kind. There are still many new places to explore and people to meet, and I look forward to what lies ahead for our team.

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