Kenya Team – Update #6

From Ryan Mann:

Today we went to the Kibonge region. We met Simeon who had us walk to some beautiful viewpoints where we could look back over the areas we had visited in the previous days. 

We prayed for the communities and practiced our Swahili. It was really nice getting to talk to people who have grown up in these areas and hear the history.
We then visited the homes of a couple elderly families where we prayed with them and gave them audio Bibles. We then visited a local church and looked at the site where they are going to be building a new larger church. We proceeded to a farm where they explained their farming practices and showed us the different crops they grow there.
Lastly we went to Simeon’s house for a late lunch. We used our limited Swahili with the locals and prayed for the people in that region.

We all got a little more sun than we needed but the team had so much fun and are still very excited to see what comes next.

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