Kenya Team Update #6

We travelled to the Eldama Ravine to use as our base for the next few days. We met up with Pastor Silas and local Ogiek leaders in the area.

We were able to hear stories and see the old forest areas the Ogiek were displaced from by the government in 2018. The government came in to reclaim the forest and burned houses down, and the people were told to find somewhere else to live without notice. It was heartbreaking hearing from a mother who was away from her home when the government came. She learned later her 1 year old daughter was saved by other siblings who were nearby when the home was initially lit.

While hearing the stories we were able to provide the book of Luke in the Ogiek language, which is the first ever publication. In addition, we handed out 20 audio bibles in the Kalenjin language. When we were leaving the older men in the group were already gathered around listening to the Bible.

We travelled to the Kaptaget Primary School and got a tour of the school and each of us shared our now six phrase testimony in Swahili. Our testimonies are often met with laughter as our accents sound off or the words are mispronounced. Laughter is a great way to bring people together.

We showed the Jesus Film to 140+ children and their parents and Pastor Nicholas [the local Kaptaget pastor] provided an alter call after the film.

It was a rich day of experiences, planting seeds, and sharing the gospel.

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