Kenya Team – Update #7

From Brandon:
We have used Sunrise Acres as a home base for the week of ministry around the Eldama Ravine area to the Okiek people. Today was a different day than the previous ones and we were able to bless the hosts Roy and Helen Stover and Pat Barnett. They make wooden toys for the Elma Barnett children’s home nearby and the toys needed to be repaired and painted after years of use. And we made some new wooden animals using scrap wood and a scroll saw. 
After the repairs and painting we had a great lunch barbecue and made plans for the afternoon at the Elma Barnett Children’s Home. The home takes in children from the area that come from homes that are unable to care for them for various reasons and street children. 
Helen (our host at Sunrise Acres) asked Kym to bring Jess and Christy to the Africa Inland Church (AIC) Eldama Ravine Moms in Prayer (Moms in Touch) group to encourage them. Kym asked me if I knew what the group was and I told her I was a beneficiary of the group over the years. I was friends with the kids of the moms in the group, and I have been told by some dear friends in the group I was often a subject of their prayers when I was a young believer. Kym was even a part of the same group during a furlough in the mid-90’s.
Little did I know Kym would ask me to attend the group with Jess and Christy to share my story and experience with the group. It may have been the first time a man has shared in the group. It was an amazing time of worship, teaching, fellowship and praise about what God does through prayer. Jess, Christy and I shared about our own experiences with both being the recipients of prayer and the power of prayer over a long period of time. 

While the 3 of us were at the prayer time, the rest of the team headed to the Children’s Home. The plan was to play games and have a meal with the children, then go to the high school next door and show the Jesus Film. There are about 40 children who range in age from 6-18 who live at the home full time. The team planned several camp games and got everyone involved. There was lots of laughing and enjoying time together.

We ended our camp games with a large soccer game using a ball we gifted to the home (they will typically play with plastic bags balled up and tied together with string). Some of the older kids in the home tried to stack the teams, so Malia and our friend (and driver for our time here) John Wachira joined the younger kids. The younger team won 2-0. 

The home treated all of us to a dinner of rice, potatoes, beef, chapati (a Kenyan style naan bread) with watermelon for dessert. Christy, Ryan and Malia turned it into a competition and were recruiting kids to sit with them. It was a sweet time of talking with the children and hearing their stories. 

After dinner we walked to the high school to show the Jesus Film. 

Upon entering the main building we were greeted by another 150 high school students all singing and dancing. While some of us setup the film, the others jumped in and learned to dance with the kids (Mary, the headmaster of the children’s home, mentioned it will likely be the most memorable part of the evening for the kids). 

Jack gave a short devotional to the group on Jeremiah 29.11 and trusting in God with the plans of the future. 

Thanks for your prayers, they are working and felt. Special thanks to the Moms in Touch group who continue to pray for the generations after their own children. It matters in light of eternity.

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