Kenya Team – Update #8

From Christy Rehman:
Saturday’s journey took us from Eldama Ravine to Kijabe to visit Rift Valley Academy, a Christian missionary kid school, where Kym taught and was principal, and where Shel attended, was a star athlete and then coached rugby for many years. It was homecoming weekend, and Shel was asked once again to coach the alumni vs students rugby game. A first for many of us, we loved watching the rugby match! We toured the beautiful campus established in 1909, and met current students and the staff serving the missionary students that represent over 30 countries. 
While there, we also caught a glimpse of the printing press and grabbed a cup of coffee at Kajabi Kahawa (Napenda kahawa: I love coffee!). It was a great day of team bonding and dreaming of what God may have in store for each of us. 
Sunday’s venture was a bumpy hour and a half drive up the geologically active volcanic mountain to fellowship at church with Dorobo believers. It was beautiful to worship together, praising the same Savior even though we were not speaking the same language. Many testimonies, songs, and dances were offered as worship. Our team sang “How Great Thou Art” with the Dorobo harmonizing in their beautiful dialect, and our very own Ryan Mann shared encouragement from Matthew 6:33 to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” 
We dove deep into God’s Word as Shel challenged us from I John 4 to love one another, reminding us that our love doesn’t come from ourselves; our love comes because GOD loved us FIRST!
The fellowship continued as the entire church dined on a lunch of lentils and chapati (delicious fried flat bread) and then more laughing and getting to know one another with games and dancing. 
Each of the team members made special connections with the children of the congregation; we ended our time together by walking to the local school. 
They may be “African killer bees” to us, but they are simply “honeybees” to the Kenyans. As we trekked into the Eburu Forest to collect honey from the log beehives hung from the exquisite trees, the Dorobo men used the smokey moss from the fire Jack and Makenna started to smoke out the bees and collect the delectable honey. As we savored the sweetness from the honeycomb, I was reminded of Psalm 19:10. “God’s Word is even sweeter than honey from the honeycomb.” What an incredible thought! 

We are grateful for so many of you that are praying for us! Our team is experiencing God’s goodness through health, protection, and His kindness.

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