Kenya Team – Update #9

From Malia Rehman:
Today the majority of the team were able to work at Jochebed (based on Exodus 2.1-10) Children’s Home playing with children and acting out the Bible story of Daniel with some of the children. This was an answer to prayer for us thinking we wouldn’t be able to work with them due to protests closing down the schools and sending students home. We had a great time with the kids!

From Brandon Gentry:

The Arensen’s are hosting a Maasai & Dorobo pastors conference and Ryan and I stayed back to attend. There are 22 pastors camping on their property in the tents we brought with us.

The conference is focused on Roy Godwin’s ministry around blessings. It has been a rich time of hearing updates from the ministries around Kenya and then being able to pray, bless and worship with them.

A couple of additional prayer requests:

  • Health for the team, a couple of team members are feeling down.
  • Kenya is experiencing riots due to finance reform bills. They turned violent today in the larger cities with police arresting protesters, using tear gas, and shooting rioters who had lit the parliament building on fire. We are safe and God is in control.
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