Meet the Kenya Team

The Kenya team will be doing a Jesus film Safari, which means going from village to village sharing the gospel via the Jesus film and interacting with the people in each village.

The Kenya Team roster:

  • *Brandon Gentry
  • Jack Gentry
  • Ryan Mann
  • Christy Rehman
  • Malia Rehman
  • Makenna Tramposh
  • Jess Weber
  • Sis Weber

Prayer Requests for the Kenya Team:

  • Pray for Pastor Silas as he prepares for us to visit the Okiek in the Tingwa area.
  • Pray for the children at the Elma Barnett Children’s Home to have open hearts & for preparations to visit them and encourage them and share the love of Christ.
  • Pray for Simon Lempapa as he helps us set up a location among the Dorobo along the Tanzania border where we will visit homes and show the Jesus film
  • Pray for the church service at Osirantet, where we will worship with Dorobo and Maasai believers and present one of the Jesus Film kits
  • Pray for health and strength for the team as a portion of the time we will be camping in a Dorobo village.


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