Meet the Romania Team

The Romania team is taking young adults to a town to hold English camps while sharing the Gospel through the lessons. We will be joining our partners with Josiah Venture who are local Romanians that are continually serving their communities, aiding them in bringing new young people into the church. 

The Romania Team roster:

  • *Kimberly Whipps
  • *John McMahon
  • Zach Anderson
  • Riley Brown
  • Tyler Chung
  • Emma Evi
  • Isabelle Amadio
  • Christian Knott
  • Eli Miller
  • Twila Miller
  • Lance Norquist
  • Dane Ruehrdanz
  • Maddie Stumbo
  • Miriam Whipps

Prayer Requests for the Romania Team:

  • Please pray for team unity.
  • Pray for full dependence on God.
  • Pray for continued relationships with high schoolers from previous years.


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