Meet the Serbia Team

Serbia team is taking young adults to a town to hold English camps while sharing the Gospel through the lessons and one-on-one conversations. We will be joining our partners with Josiah Venture who are local Serbians that are continually serving their communities, aiding them in bringing new young people into the church. 

The Serbia Team roster:

  • *Jenn Eisenzimmer
  • *Bailey Rapp
  • Charles Day
  • Chris Holzbach
  • Jen Holzbach
  • Lucy Knifong
  • Aiden Lilly
  • Faith Strot
  • Evelyn Whipps

Prayer Requests for the Serbia Team:

  • That God would unify our team and He would be displayed through our love for one another.
  • That God would draw students to camp and prepare their hearts.
  • For our preparation, planning and travel logistics.
  • That God will build our team support – with prayer partners & financially.


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