Meet the Thailand Team

The Thailand team will be coming alongside our GO Staff to serve the Seed of Hope project, a dormitory for 30-35 hill tribe students from remote villages. Only 69% of children in Thailand attend school through the 12th grade, and this number drops significantly in hill tribe villages. The team will battle the heat to provide daily help in areas of need at the project and provide nightly activities to engage the children. The focus for team will be serving and supporting the relationships our GO Staff build to share the love of Christ.

The Thailand Team roster:

  • *Jim Fetters
  • *Geri Fetters
  • Josh Bressel
  • Cohen Brotnov
  • Lucy Burks
  • Tina Fortin
  • Ann Grimmer

Prayer Requests for the Serbia Team:

  • That each team member will find a unique way to exercise their spiritual gifts
  • All preparations & funds to send the team will come together
  • The team will be built up spiritually
  • For strength and stamina while in country in the heat of summer


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