What happens between being accepted on a team and  getting on an airplane? A lot!

Our teams meet together two to three times a month leading up to their departure, getting to know each other and preparing for the ministry that they will be doing once they are in country. In addition to those meetings, all of our teams have a team retreat, helping to solidify team relationships and spend some extended time preparing together. Here a just a few of the things that our teams work on during their months of training:

  • gathering documents, filling out passport applications and making passport appointments
  • getting any required vaccinations
  • applying for travel visas for certain countries
  • going on extended hikes together to build up stamina
  • learning how to effectively share their story
  • learning teaching materials for English Camp
  • practicing how to assemble the solar powered Jesus Film equipment
  • preparing curriculum
  • learning about cultural norms, customs, appropriate dress and behaviors
  • gathering needed supplies
  • learning how to pack effectively
  • raising support
  • getting to know each other through games, testimonies, sharing meals and spending time together
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