Romania 2023 Team

Meet the Romania 2023 Team

The Romania Team, lead by Lance Norquist and Kimberly Whipps, are going to be partnering with Josiah Venture (JV) to be hosting English camps where they will share the Gospel and connect students into the local church. They will be flying out on July 20th and returning August 3rd.

Team Roster:

  • Back row: Tristan Price, Courtney Little, Zach Anderson, John McMahon, Charles Day
  • Middle row: Kimberly Whipps. Grace Tully, Tyler Chung, Jacey Felzien, Naomi Whipps
  • Front row: Addi Brotnov, Lance Norquist, Macy McKenney, Katelyn Chung

Prayer Requests:

  • Energy during camp, this year we are expecting around 120-150 kids so we will need a lot of prayer
  • Open hearts for the students
  • Health, with all the traveling and students we are susceptible for becoming sick
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