Romania Team – Update #1

With less than two weeks to go until our first flight leaves on July 11th, the mood at our last team meeting was full of anticipation – as well as a certain amount of anxiety over getting our activities all planned, our support fully raised, and our dance moves for the “camp dance” rehearsed. As much as we would like to be prepared for every possible scenario our team leaders Kimberly and John have wisely kept us focused on growing together as a team so that when things go wrong and toes get stepped on (probably literally, in terms of the camp dance) we can laugh and learn from the experience knowing that we are among friends and, more importantly, brothers and sisters in Christ with a shared purpose. Every week when we gather as a team we sing worship and take Communion together, and at the end of May we all went on a weekend retreat during which we each shared our different testimonies; different, but with the familiar theme of God’s grace working in our lives. We have all seen how God can take our brokenness and bring beauty and restoration, and we pray that is something we will be able to show the students in Romania. 

Things will not go to plan. Some preparations will not be done in time. The unexpected will happen and confusion and frustration will occur. But we will be leaving in two weeks expecting great things from God, and as long as we do not limit how he meets our expectations then perhaps the “unexpected” won’t be so unexpected, after all.
Please pray for our final preparations, that we will have faith in God’s provision and keep a perspective of trust in everything he has planned for this trip.
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