Romania Team Update #4

First Day of Camp – new friends and sweet reunions

Today was the first official day of camp – and it’s been a wonderful day! It was filled with sweet reunions for those of us who came last year. And a day of meeting new friends! 

We have played some “get to know you” games and designing team flags! We are looking forward to the first message and small group tonight. Thankfully, our team will have ear pieces with translation for each message so that we can ask thoughtful questions. Please pray for meaningful times for each person.

And, so thankful for little miracles! When we arrived, 6 of the 22 team bandana packs were missing. This may seem little, but for the teams it is a big deal. We started to pray, knowing God cares about the little details. After a stressful 30 minutes or so, they were found. And there was much rejoicing. [Name the movie and I owe you a candy bar of your choice.]

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