Serbia Team – Update #5

From Bailey Rapp:

Here is an update on the last two days! Connections with students are being made and we are having a great time at camp! We had Water Day on Tuesday, and today (Wednesday) we played games inside due to an unexpected storm.

Tuesday: We spent three hours at the local park playing fun water games involving water balloons and the park splash pad. The games always ended in massive water fights!

English lessons were easier today, students got more comfortable with us and speaking in English and opened up during activities. In the evening, Evelyn and Faith taught two line dances to the students. The kids had lots of fun learning about Western American culture. Complete with cowboy hats, bandanas, and country music.

Wednesday (today): We had planned to have a treasure hunt activity out around the town. However, because of the storm that came through, we had to move one of our other days schedules to today. It’s all about flexibility out here at the Serbia English camp. The rain helped in a way as we were inside more with the students, which allowed more conversations to happen naturally. We made friendship bracelets today, and the students enjoyed hanging out with one another and talking with the leaders during that activity. At the end of the day, we had s’mores which is always a huge hit at camp. Thankful to see God working in so many ways.

We only have two days left of camp. Please be praying for our team that we step into sharing the gospel with the students. Continue to pray for guidance in the challenges that we face.

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