Serbia Team – Update #6

From Jenn Eisenzimmer:

Each morning at English camp, we spend time with the students as they arrive. We play games, make bracelets and enjoy conversations together. It is really fun to see the connections flourishing! We head inside for the morning program which includes a group game, worship (that Evelyn and Aiden have been helping with!), an engaging message and everyone’s favorite- camp dance! Someone shares a morning story, and today’s felt especially fitting for the day. Kristof came to know Jesus through an English camp a couple of years ago and has been growing in his faith through the local church since. It was such an encouragement to see him involved at camp this week as we looked forward to the Labyrinth that evening.

We moved into English classes after morning discussion groups. There were some rain storms that required flexibility but the extra craft time was well received. We were praying the weather would clear after lunch so we could do sports and initiatives outside- especially before the important evening, we really wanted to get some energy out as it was the second day the students had been inside more than out). 

The skies cleared and the sun came out! We walked to an open space to play some tag type games and after a lot of running, a fun group game called ‘Secret Dancer.’  Having the kids off campus for a couple hours helped the Labyrinth team begin set-up.
Stojce brought a powerful gospel message with great illustrations where he shared his testimony, and spoke on how we come to believe, how Satan has destroyed everything and Jesus came to give us life. He challenged the students to take time to think through things and invited them to ask questions. (We have seen how most of the students have incredible knowledge but not a personal relationship. Culturally, choosing to follow Jesus comes at a high cost.)

The Labyrinth began. The majority of our team, Stojce and more local team members were in the main room. Dinner was served and we spent time with students in conversations and through crafts. Trying to keep the space conducive to conversations and reflection.

One by one students go through different stations (physical representatives of the gospel in a personal way) with the opportunity to respond at the end. They can chose to go upstairs for prayer and/or to ask questions. Bailey, Evelyn, Matthew, Victor and Judit were upstairs and were so encouraged by the conversations and requests for prayer. Bailey & Evelyn each had the opportunity to speak with a few of the students. They were looking for answers on how to pray (in a personal way), some were on the fence so they challenged them to continue to pray about it. They prayed for each student, a few with more specific prayer requests. 
Students return to the main room, some with questions and great conversations were had. There was prayer, professions of faith and a few Hungarian Bibles were gifted (the students first personal Bible!). It was quite an evening. 
Please join us in praying for the students. That they would come to know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. That they were be connected to the local church and grow in their relationships with Jesus. This is an incredible group of students and the local leaders so clearly love them. ❤️
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