Serbia Team – Update #7

From Jenn Eisenzimmer:

The last and final day of camp was awesome! The kids were really listening well, and you could see the trust that had started to form. You could see, despite the energy being lower since it was the last day of camp, the students were being really engaging. Charles did a great job sharing his testimony of how Jesus transformed his life for the morning story.

Our final English classes were the best of the week! We were able to review and do fun activities before they became the teachers at the end of class, teaching us some Hungarian & Serbian words and phrases.

Faith helped lead the Tie-Dye activity. The designs turned out great, and it seemed to go well! Our teams did a treasure hunt activity lead by Viktor. It was great getting to see more of the town of Backa Topola. The end of the night finished off with a fun Talent Show. Everyone did an incredible job with making it engaging for the kids!

We had follow-up with the students this morning. About 75% of the students returned for the optional day to hangout one last time. We played a few games together and Matthew shared a message this morning, offering a challenge for the students. The first is if you are saved to live for Christ fully and continue to grow. And if you are not saved, to really consider what was said and look at the Bible.

Then this afternoon we packed up our things and went to Belgrade for our debrief time. We also reconnected with the other team from Ohio that we had training with. It was also encouraging to hear how their camp (in a different area) went as well! It was nice to walk around and see more of the city.

Tomorrow morning, we will be beginning the debrief and talking about how camp went this week. We are thankful for this time, and that God allowed us to be out here serving this week! Thank you for praying for our team, and we look forward to sharing more soon!

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