Global Outreach Staff

Good Shepherd has a long history of sending and supporting our people all around the world. We send our best with the goal of furthering the gospel and strengthening the body of Christ.

14 But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? 15 And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!

Romans 10:14-15

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GO Staff

Ways To Pray

Pray for each person’s SPIRITUAL WALK

For renewal in the inner self

For strength to stand firm in their faith

For consistent devotions and prayer

Pray for each person’s PHYSICAL health

For adjustment to different time/climate

For strength, stamina and health

For safety in travel

Pray for each person’s FAMILY 

For families left behind

For their testimony to their extended family

For husband and wives, and for the children


For wisdom and direction for them as a ministry team

For unity and love 

For good cooperation with local workers

For good communication with home church and sending agency

For a servant’s spirit


For appropriate cultural communication 

For clear communication through a foreign language

For good connection with those they have come to minister to


For opportunities to share the Gospel

For open hearts to receive the Love of Jesus


Tom & Colleen Feeney

Field: Argentina

Agency: Sunrise Childrens Home

Tom and Colleen work at an Orphanage in the city of San Nicolas, Argentina called the Sunrise Children’s Home. Tom is the official Chaplain of the Orphanage which makes him and Colleen like surrogate parents for many of the 80 plus children (infant – 18) at the home.

They love involving the kids in many activities where they can learn and discover new things about God, His love, and themselves. They help transport kids to Sunday school, Adorarte (a weekly workshop that teaches kids different ways to worship God via art, music, acting, etc.), Boys and Girls Clubs, and weekly Bible club class, and more. They also host weekly meetings in their home for teens.


David & Karen DeGraaf

Field: Cameroon

Agency: Wycliffe

Dave and Karen have been members of Wycliffe since 1988. They did language and translation work in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa until a civil war broke out in 2002, resulting in their return to the US. In March 2016, Dave and Karen relocated to Yaoundé, Cameroon, where Karen is based as a counselor. In this role, alongside a small team, Karen provides care to mission staff and their families, and also trains people to bring the principles of trauma healing to suffering communities around the world. As the Congo Basin Area Director for Seed Company, Dave works with a variety of partners in 6 countries to promote and support Bible translation and capacity-building for minority language communities.

The DeGraafs have three children, Christopher, Philip and Tali.


Matt & Tina Huisjen

Field: Germany

Agency: Cadence

Matt and Tina serve with Cadence International, offering a “home-away-from-home” for US military stationed there. They host weekly dinners & Bible studies, Saturday activities, weekend trips and retreats, lunchtime Bible studies, discipleship, hikes, Post chapel support, sight-seeing, movies, game nights, bunk rooms, etc.

Matt and Tina have five children, Madeline, Jesse, Toby, Bridget and Dustin.

Scott & Heather Overby

Field: Germany

Agency: Be One Together

Scott & Heather Overby met through Short Term Teams at Good Shepherd. They have lived in Germany since 2011, where Scott taught math at an international school. They have recently felt God’s call to transition to a teaching position at Black Forest Academy in Germany, teaching and ministering to missionary kids, many of who board at the school while their parents serve as missionaries in other countries. Scott and Heather are currently raising support and hope to return to Germany in July 2022 to start at Black Forest Academy.

Scott and Heather have four children, Stanley, Holly, Stuart and Samuel.


Nick & Hertha Troutt

Field: Haiti

Agency: Interlink Ministries

Nick and Hertha live in Haiti. Nick serves at the American University of the Caribbean in Les Cayes, Haiti as an English Teacher. He is also a qualified Mason and continues to teach and train locals in the art of building. In addition, he is very involved in the Deaf School ministry in Les Cayes.

Hong Kong

Stephan & Michelle Jang

Field: Hong Kong

Agency: Christar

Stephan and Michelle are both involved in ministry in Hong Kong and serve on teams ministering in Asia. Stephen is a clinical psychologist and Michelle is a licensed counselor. Stephan serves with HK evangelism and discipleship through outreach, teaching, preaching, and training in the local church. He is also the China Partner HK Board Chairman and is involved in Pastoral Training Schools in China. Michele is the China Partner HK Administrative Coordinator, recruits trainers for pastoral training schools, prepares them and provides administrative and logistical support, promotes missions in local churches, travels with pastoral training teams, teaches, counsels, and trains.


Shel & Kym Arensen

Field: Kenya

Agency: Commission To Every Nation

Shel and Kym Arensen serve in Naivasha, Kenya. Shel works with the Dorobo, a hunter-gatherer group in Kenya’s highlands, planting churches and discipling church leaders. He is also involved in friendship evangelism among several other unreached people groups. Kym is the curriculum director for Eden Adventures, which teaches creation care in local government schools, as well as providing outdoor camping experiences for children from homes for street kids. She also volunteers at Little Hands, a mainstream schoolf for children with disabilities.


Iliya & Becky Majam

Field: Nigeria

Agency: Co-Serve International

Iliya and Becky lived and served with the Navigators in Nairobi, Kenya for 17 years before they moved back to Nigeria to be Africa Directors for CRM – Christian Resource Ministries – called Harvest Leadership Ministries in Nigeria. They provide leadership to the work of HLN, mentor and coach church pastors and organizational leaders, fundraising and ministry partnership development, conduct focused retreats and occasional seminary teaching.

Papua New Guinea

Scott & Sarah Carey

Field: Papua New Guinea

Agency: Wycliffe

Scott and Sarah Carey serve in Ukarumpa, PNG. Scott is a math teacher and coach at Ukarumpa International School and Sarah is an administrative assistant at the the Ukarumpa Training Centre/Pacific Institute of Languages, Arts and Translation. They both love serving in support roles, helping to make Bible translation possible in PNG languages. They enjoy being a part of their local church and advocating for an AudiBible in the highlands language of Siane.

Scott and Sarah have three children, Josiah, Annika and Maya.


Faith Russell

Field: Serbia

Agency: Josiah Venture

Faith grew up at Good Shepherd and served on many different summer teams to Serbia. Through those trips, Faith fell in love with the people of Serbia. For the past five years, Faith has served in Serbia, working with the youth in her local church, teaching, training and discipling students.


Matt & Sharon Mormance

Field: Slovenia

Agency: Josiah Venture

Matt and Sharon live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition to serving on the JV Slovenia Leadership Team, Matt overseas  Member Care, Interns, and the University Ministry. Sharon is also on the Member Care team with special care for JV single women in Slovenia. She is also the Intern program assistant and continues to disciple young women in the city.

Matt and Sharon have three children, Maia, Eliana and Alex.

Josh & Kristi Patty

Field: Slovenia

Agency: Josiah Venture

Josh and Kristi live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Josiah Venture desires to see a movement of God among the youth of this region that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. To that end, Josh is Regional Balkan Director for Josiah Venture, and elder/pastor at their local church.  Kristi overseas all of the JV country leader wives, encouraging and discipling them, as well discipling women in their local church.

Josh and Kristi have four children, Blake, Rebecca, Kendra and Luke.


Paul & Karyn Meier

Field: Thailand

Agency: Cord Ministries International

Paul is the Project Development Coordinator at the Family Connection Foundation (FCF) in Chiang Mai. FCF is a social foundation focused on the marginalized of society through word and deed. Paul’s role is to provide assistance, coaching and advice to the directors of the ministry projects FCF supports. He is directly involved in on-boarding new projects and any modifications to existing projects. Karyn volunteers at their kid’s school and enjoys connecting with other moms by serving and encouraging them.

Paul and Karyn have three children, Philip, Jade and Ruth.

United States of America

Jerry & Beth Crosby

Field: Oregon

Agency: InterAct

Jerry is HR and administrator for InterAct Ministries and is stationed at their home office on Kelso Rd. InterAct has ministry in Siberia, Alaska and Canada. Jerry and Beth are both very active in the life at GSCC. Jerry is an Adult Bible Study leader and Beth is a Women’s Bible Study leader, speaker and serves on the writing team.

Terry & Lori Jackson

Field: USA

Agency: Barnabas International

After fifteen years on the mission field and many more in church ministry, Terry and Lori are now working with Barnabas International, caring for individuals and families on the mission field. Their focus is on the Balkan region, traveling multiple times a year to agency conferences and to offer respite to weary workers. They will also be engaged in helping local churches care for their missionaries, as well as counseling and debriefing missionaries.

Scott & Elaine Jennings

Field: Florida

Agency: Cru

Scott and Elaine are serving in Orlando, working at Campus Crusade for Christ International headquarters. Scott is training operations leaders in a new global financial system. Elaine works with women around the globe in an effort to encourage the community through the Cru website.

Scott and Elaine have three children, Stephen, Anna, Phillip.

Alec Kemper

Field: USA

Agency: YWAM

After serving with YWAM in both New Zealand and more recently just an hour away in Salem, Alec is in the beginning stages of planting a brand new YWAM location in Damascus, Oregon. He is currently building a team and networking in the Greater Portland area and is looking forward to continuing to train that next generation in the Great Commission.

David & Theresa Knauss

Field: USA

Agency: Life Impact Ministries

David and Theresa met at Good Shepherd in the 80’s. Now with over 30 years of cross-cultural experience, including church planting in Central Asia, they lead Life Impact and provide pastoral care for Life Impact’s US and global staff. Life Impact provides hosted places of rest where missionaries and pastors (both foreign and nationals) can receive skilled, personalized care, and experience the goodness of God while finding refreshment and encouragement for their souls. David & Theresa’s love and passion for the Lord and their heart for His ministry leaders goes hand in hand. They have four grown children and three grandsons.

Todd & Cathy Lindley

Field: USA

Agency: Wycliffe

After a decade of service in Papua New Guinea, Todd and Cathy have returned to the Pacific Northwest. In May of 2022, Todd came on staff at Good Shepherd as the new Connect Ministry Director. In summer 2022, Cathy will be transitioning to a new role within Wycliffe USA, continuing to support Wycliffe staff and Bible translation throughout the globe.

Jonathan & Janie Martin

Field: USA

Agency: Co-Serve International

Jonathan and Janie live in Oregon and serve around the world with Co-Serve International. They teach and mentor the principal Biblical servant leadership. This involves working with the missionaries, their teams, their organizations, and their sending churches with the goal to help them share Jesus’ love through building thriving servant-led communities.

Karl & Gwynn Schumacher

Field: USA

Agency: Cru International

Karl and Gwynn live in Sandy, OR. Karl’s ministry focus includes seminaries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. He works with Cru International to help get the Theological development they need to effectively do the work they do in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training for community impact. He also works with the International Leadership Consortium (ILC) to maximize the contribution of member institutions in equipping kingdom-leaders to build spiritual movements that transform society.

Karl and Gwynn have seven children, Joshua, Graham, Micah, Hannah, Zachary, Josiah and Grace.

Tiana Weaver

Field: Florida

Agency: Cru

After serving for many years in Lithuania, Tiana now serves with Unto, the humanitarian arm of Cru. She leads teams in humanitarian work worldwide. This involves teaching and training ways to improve the quality of life for many communities around the world while also sharing the gospel.


Waffle & Val Lomilo

Field: Uganda

Agency: New Horizons

Val and Waffle are serving with CLIDE, an indigenous Ugandan organization working among the Karamojong in NE Uganda. Val is a Veterinarian and Waffle is a “Jack of all Trades”. They are currently developing two new ministries: agro-forestry and herbal medicine development. In addition to this, they have been involved in many different evangelistic and humanitarian areas in the region they live in, including Peace Villages, church planting, evangelism, training and building church leaders, clean drinking water and well digging, education and Bible programs and medical programs.

GO Staff in Restricted-Access Areas


Field: Africa

J has been appointed to minister in Africa, and is hoping to use her agriculture and business skills as part of a team of missionaries. She will begin language school soon. 

E & J

Field: Asia

E and J and their family moved to Central Asia fifteen years ago. They work in a remote area and have been part of a team involved in a variety of agricultural projects over the years. E has also been working on a number of translation projects and seminary level classes for locals.

A & A

Field: Middle East

A and A are both family doctors working at an outpatient clinic, providing medical care for primarily Syrian refugees. They are part of a team of people who all work in providing medical care with the goal to share Kingdom principles and invite people to follow Jesus.

Z & M

Field: Central Asia

Z & M live and work in Central Asia. Their vision is to see multiplying house churches among the target people group. As the associate field leader, Z’s job is to facilitate the teams to continue to move toward the company vision which is: “We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.”

They recently moved to the capital to begin a parallel team working with the same minority people group that they were working with in the mountains. They are forming relationships with people from this community and will begin small seeker study groups that they hope will grow into house churches. They will also be doing discipleship movement training with local believers from their target people group.

D & J

Field: Africa & Asia

D & J are faithful staff who are serving through aviation to help alleviate human suffering. J ministers in their local community through encouraging women and hospitality.

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, please contact with questions regarding these staff members.

Additional Global Outreach Partners

Myrna Alexander

Myrna and her husband, Ralph, retired from working for SEND. They served for years behind the Iron Curtain and in Moscow where they taught and helped start Seminary training in post-Soviet nations. Although Ralph suffered from Parkinsons, the Alexanders continued to greatly influence our body through their prayers and care. Ralph was for years one of the foremost OT scholars and archeologists in our nation, having studied Hebrew at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the mid 60’s. He taught at both Dallas Theological Seminary and at Western Seminary. Myrna was for years a much sought after speaker and Bible teacher and she is the author of several Bible study books for women. Ralph went to be with Lord at the end of March of 2020.

Dan & Tambry Brose

The Broses started Songa Energy Systems a few years ago and live part time in Baltimore, MD and part time in Bujumbura, Burundi. Dan is developing sustainable developmental projects in Burundi and Tambry has opened a very successful coffee shop downtown Bujumbura together with a Burundian friend.

Marshall & Joy Christensen

After Marshall retired as President of Warner Pacific College, he has devoted his time and energy to developing Servant Leadership courses and teaching material. He is the founder of Co-Serve and has been instrumental in teaching and leading university level courses on Servant Leadership in many countries.

Dwight Gradin

The Gradins were Wycliffe Bible Translators in Vietnam before the country fell. They have faithfully served at Mission Training International (MTI) in Colorado Springs for quite a few years. Dwight, a linguist, has been instrumental in teaching many missionaries the art of learning language.

Earle & Doris Senn

Earle and Doris are officially retired, but continue to pour their hearts and lives into serving Nigerian brothers and sisters both through visits to the country and through hosting them at their home here in Troutdale. They are also very commited to reaching the local international students in the area.

Pat & Rakel Thurman

Pat and Rakel served on our Global Outreach Staff for 37 years, both in the Middle East and here in the States. Nineteen of those years were spent serving on the Global Outreach Leadership Team at Good Shepherd, where they championed Global Missions at Good Shepherd and faithfully prayed for, supported and cared for our people around the world. While they are now retired, they continue to faithfully serve and mentor our Global Outreach staff and oversee our weekly prayer time and produce the Prayerline, our weekly prayer newsletter.

Don & Suzie Warren

Don serves on a “Business as Mission” farm in Ghana, West Africa. He oversees many of the aspects of the running of the farm, trains and mentors locals and preaches in local churches on the weekends.