Biblical Servantship Articles

Biblical Servantship, Part 3 – True Greatness Wears An Apron

True Greatness Wears An Apron Biblical Servantship - Part 3 Alan Hlavka Greatness is not defined by what we accomplish. It is defined by serving others. We explore Jesus’ paradigm for leadership and how it wears an apron, not a crown.

Biblical Servantship, Part 2 – Gifted To One Another To Grow Together

GIFTED TO ONE ANOTHER TO GROW TOGETHER Biblical Servantship - Part 2 Greg Cahalan The whole body of Christ equipped and working is what makes the body grow! We are all gifted to serve each other with the gifts God has given us as we grow together.

Biblical Servantship, Part 1 – Pastors And Elders In Scripture: A Jesus Centered Team of Servant-Leaders

Pastors and Elders in Scripture: A Jesus Centered Team of servant-Leaders Biblical Servantship - Part 1 Greg Cahalan and Randy Alcorn Biblical Leadership=Servant Leadership. We are blessed to sit down with Randy Alcorn and begin our new series with what true...

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