Race Day Articles

Race Day, Part 5 – Want to Race?

Want to Race? Race Day - Part 5 Daniel Carnahan We were made to race. We race together. We race to give. We race powered by God. We get to race in the amazing grace of Jesus Christ!

Race Day, Part 4 – “Finally”

"Finally" Race Day - Part 4 Ron Frost As we prepare for our final and eternal destination with our Lord, there are still things to be done with our time here. We must continue staying fit for the race, assuring our running shoes are tied, and keeping our hearts and...

Race Day, Part 3 – The Call: Joyful Harmony In Jesus’ Community

The Call: Joyful Harmony in Jesus' Community Race Day - Part 3 Alan Hlavka It’s no accident that the Apostle Paul, right after talking about a church division, says: Rejoice in the Lord always. Paul acknowledges there will be struggles and divisions in the church, and...

Race Day, Part 2 – Won to Win Now and Later

Won to Win Now and Later Race Day - Part 2 Greg Cahalan We back into Part 2 of our series called “Race Day” on chapters 3 and 4 of Philippians. Greg is going to show us from this passage that every day, both now and later, is “Race Day.”