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Walk This Way, Part 4 – Two Normal Christian Men Who Walk Worthy Of The Gospel

Two Normal Christian Men Who Walk Worthy of the Gospel Walk This Way - Part 4 Stu Weber The way we walk out our faith should always be done together with other believers, modeling the unity shown by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in their loving oneness.

Walk This Way, Part 3 – The Ins And Outs Of Salvation

The Ins and Outs of Salvation Walk This Way - Part 3 Greg Cahalan Paul tells us in Philippians that through the GOSPEL we are being saved from the PLEASURE of sin, the POWER of sin, and we will be saved from the PRESENCE of sin once and for all.

Walk This Way, Part 2 – Walk Like Jesus

Walk Like Jesus Walk This Way - Part 2 Alan Hlavka When we die to ourselves, and walk like Jesus, we’re filled with joy and that joy spreads & gives life to those around us.

Walk This Way, Part 1 – The Walk Of The Gospel

The Walk of the Gospel Walk This Way - Part 1 Steve Keels We’re all on a journey. Where we’re headed is important but Scripture teaches us that how we travel on that journey is just as important. Join us LIVE as we begin our new series through the first two chapters...

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