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My Life Verse, Part 5 – Radical Transformations

Radical Transformations My Life Verse - Part 5 Nick Stumbo We see throughout scripture that God is less concerned about how good we look on the outside, but is much more focused on what happens inside. Today we will look at how lasting transformation is less about...

My Life Verse, Part 4 – What Matters Most to God

What Matters Most to God My Life Verse - Part 4 Steve Keels Have you ever asked the question: "What matters to God?" We ask it because what matters to God should matter to us. As we dive into Mark 12, we'll see just how deeply God cares about His plan, His people, and...

My Life Verse, Part 3 – The Sweeping Life Change of a Love Captured Heart

The Sweeping Life Change of a Love Captured Heart My Life Verse - Part 3 Alan Hlavka Whatever and whoever has our heart, has us. Because of this, we must make sure we place our hearts in the hands of the One most qualified to care for it.

My Life Verse, Part 2 – God’s Heart For the Nations

God's Heart For the Nations My Life Verse - Part 2 Peter Hibbs God has generously invited Good Shepherd to join with Him in making disciples of all nations.